5 Hair Secrets Supermodels Swear By

Sure, you take one look at most supermodels and assume they roll out of bed, throw clothes on and generally look gorge by virtue of being, well, them. Surprise, surprise, it’s not all genetics (though they are pretty gifted in that department). More than most of us, models have to be super-militant about their skin and hair routines, because to achieve that shiny, bouncy, pretty hair their heads go through hell. Says Chanel Iman: “During fashion week, your hair can be curled, straightened, then curled again up to four times a day.” So how do they keep their hair from falling out of their heads? After the jump, five supermodel go-to tricks …

  1. Chanel Iman’s deep conditioning trick: “You put it [your deep conditioner] in your hair and put a shower cap over it, then you funnel warm air from your blow-dryer into the cap. It really stimulates your hair and roots.”
  2. Admits Brazilian beauty Ana Beatriz Barros (whose natural color is dark blond, FYI): “I once had to completely bleach my hair, and it was so ugly, I took silica vitamins to make my hair stronger … “
  3. California native Lindsay Ellingson goes without: “I never, ever blow-dry my hair, unless I’m working. I use Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner, which is really great. I also try not to shampoo every day. It can feel gross, but it really does help.”
  4. Behati Prinsloo abstains from flat-ironing her wavy hair. She uses Moroccan Oil and Aveda deep conditioners to keep her waves supple.
  5. Catwalker Liu Wen suggests a basic approach: “Getting enough sleep is very important for your health! Also, it’s key to eat nutritious foods like nuts, which are good for your hair.”

Helpful tips or stuff you already knew? [Teen Vogue]