Debate This: Does Valentine’s Day Suck?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a significant other or not, there’s no avoiding Valentine’s Day’s red roses, candy hearts, sexy lingerie, or cheesy cards (about one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, according to the Greeting Card Association). So we asked two writers whether they think the holiday is totally lame or super awesome, after the jump.

Does Valentine’s Day Suck?
No! Valentine’s Day Rocks!
Yes, Valentine’s Day Is For Chumps
There’s more to Valentine’s Day than getting a dozen roses or a fistful of diamonds. It’s not about how much he spends on you; it’s about taking a day to celebrate the idea of love, romance, and affection. There’s the thought, the emotion, the feeling behind it. You should think, “How can I let the people in my life know that I appreciate them? Maybe you could bake cookies, pick up some spicy red carnations—roses are ungodly expensive this time of year because of the Rose Bowl—break out the lingerie. Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And don’t sit at home saying, “The floral guy had better show up in my driveway before 3 o’clock.” Instead, consider what you’ve done today to make other people feel loved and appreciated, whether you’re celebrating it with friends, with your kids, with your partner or your spouse. – Ellen Dugan, author of How to Enchant A Man: Spells to Bewitch, Bedazzle and Beguile, who has been happily married for 26 years The thing is, unless you are Charlotte from “Sex and the City” (or you own a shirt that says “I’m a Charlotte!!!”), you surely have better things to worry about than whether your Valentine’s Day is going to be as romantic as a Zales ad. This is a holiday for chumps, suckers, elementary school children and people who, after seeing “Blood Diamond,” walked out of the theater hearing wedding bells. I can think of at least five holidays off the top of my head that rate higher on the “who cares?” scale than Valentine’s Day: Halloween (witches!), Fourth of July (beer!), Secretary Appreciation Day (steno pool!), Mother’s Day (mommy!), and World AIDS Day (global epidemic!). See? Valentine’s Day is just not worth stressing about. So, if you’re in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, here’s what you do: Kiss your partner and tell him or her that you love them. Like you do every other day of the year, I hope. If you’re not in a relationship, stop bitching about how much you hate Valentine’s Day and be happy that no one’s going to expect you to get him/her a ballerina music box with a diamond pendant hidden in it. Bennett Madison, author of I Hate Valentine’s Day, the Lulu Dark mysteries, and The Blonde of the Joke

We say: If you really care about someone, whether they’re a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, best friend, or your insanely attractive dog, shouldn’t you hint at how you feel on a regular basis? Also, it’s really difficult to get a dinner reservation on Valentine’s Day. If you absolutely need a day in February to make you feel loved, maybe you should celebrate on the 15th — that way, roses will be half-priced, too. Oh, and if you’re in a relationship, don’t make your partner plan the festivities every year, because that’s cruel.