Beauty How-To: Use Eyeshadow To Line Eyes

Eye shadow is the Jekyll and Hyde of a makeup case. When it comes to eye lining with shadow, a punchy color and intense application leaves your peepers lined with drama, while a soft sweep of powder creates a softer look.

Choose the Right Tool When Lining Your Eyes with Eye Shadow:
A small, angled makeup brush with a flat head is the optimal tool for lining your eyes with shadow.

Assess Your Eyelids Before Lining with Eye Shadow:
The line shouldn’t cover your whole eyelid, so smaller eyed people should stick to a thinner line.

Banish the Excess Powder Smudge:
Excess powder on the brush will leave you looking smudge-eyed. After you run the angle brush through the eyeshadow, tap the brush a few times to shake off left over pigment.

Line the Upper Lashes First:
Using one fluid motion, or making several small dots and connecting them, brush the shadow along the upper lash line starting from the inner corner of your eye.

Line the Lower Lashes:
Again, working inside to outside, use the eye shadow to make a thin line at the edge of your lower lashes.

Creating a Dramatic Appearance:
For a dramatic appearance, choose a bold color eye shadow and thicken the line.

Creating a Smoky Look:
Softening the eye shadow line with a cotton swab or gentle brushstrokes will create a subtle, smoky look.

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