Beauty How-To: Use Eye Makeup to Look More Awake

Every gal needs her beauty sleep, but not every gal gets enough of it. The more you rest, the better you look. Hey, there’s a reason she was called “sleeping beauty,” okay? When you can’t catch the necessary Z’s, turn to your makeup bag for a fake night’s sleep.
Cover Dark Circles:
Under eye bags are a dead giveaway for a tired face. When the standard cold compresses (remember the image of the lady with cucumbers on her eyes?) are too time-encompassing, reach for a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Add the product to the inner corners of your under-eye area by patting it into skin with the pads of your fingers. Blend a little foundation on top, and set with powder.

Highlight the Eyes:
Dab a pearl or platinum colored eye shadow right on the tear ducts of eyes. This highlight on the inner corner of eyes makes them appear more opened and bright.

Enhance Natural Eye Color:
Enhance opened eyes by emphasing their natural brilliance. Use brown liner and purple or blue based shadow to bring out the blue and hazel in eyes. Or, for green eyes, stick to purple liners and green or pink shadows. Brown eyed girls should take advantage of the coppers and golds that make their irises sparkle.

Open Eyes:
Brown and clear mascaras make eyes look wider and more awake. For a real eye-opener, use an eyelash curler to pull lashes upwards and out.

Reduce Puffiness:
Cold compresses and eye masks are a godsend. But sleeping with your head elevated reduces the appearance of puffy eyes when you wake.

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