Beauty How -To: Trim Your Bangs

There is nothing worse than a set of bangs at the wrong length. Too short and you’ll notice people staring, trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with your face. Too long, and you’ll be the one giving funny looks when you can’t see past your strands. Trimming your own bangs is an easy task when you know how to do it, so you don’t have to sacrifice salon style when you snip ‘em at home.

Get It Together:
Pick up a pair of trimming scissors from you beauty supply store that is no longer than 5 inches. If you don’t already have styling gel and a hair trimming comb then pick those up too.

Show Some Style:
Style your hair like you normally would. That means washing, blow drying and using whatever styling appliances you regularly use. Your bangs will change in length when they dry, so work with hair that isn’t wet.

Pull It Out:
Use the comb to section off the amount of hair you need for your bangs. Remember that you can always add bangs, but once you cut you can’t go back. Clip your bangs back in to two sections and snip the first with your scissors pointed into the bangs It’s better to clip at this perpendicular angle because a straight line across is impossible, even for the professionals. When you’ve finished cutting that section then remove the clip on the second one and cut that hair too. Gals with shaggy or curly hair should use a single blade razor instead. You can find disposable, cheap razors at any pharmacy or department store. Don’t pull your hair, just hold it at your eyebrows as a kind of guide. Using the razor on the inner side of the hair, start cutting it with your razor. Gently move the razor back and forth in a gentle sawing motion. Razor cuts look wonderfully professional and will give you a finished look.

Tousle It:
When you are done with all the cutting, shake your bangs out. Flip your head upside down to remove any excess hairs. Then pop up and face the mirror. Tousle your hair and enjoy the new you. If you see any strays you can clip those too!

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