Beauty How-To: Straighten Your Hair

Sleek strands is a great and easy look that works for any occasion. The thing is, there are ways of straightening your hair that damages tresses and leaves your hair damaged and tired looking. Make sure you know the right way to straighten your hair so that it not only looks fab this time, but stays fit for future styling.

Key Materials in Good Flat Irons:
Choose a flat iron that either has ceramic or titanium plates. These heat evenly, leaving a sleek finish, and damage hair the least.

Temperature Settings:
Buy a straightener that has a heat control setting. The finer your hair is, the lower the temperature you’ll need to straighten your hair. The lowest setting you can work with, the better it will be for your tresses.

Before You Touch Heat to Your Head:
Spray on a pre-heat protecting spray. These products can be pretty economical and are worth buying for their conditioning and protection.

Take Your Time:
Section off your hair. Starting right at the roots, run the flat iron down to the tips. Work the straightener through all of your hair until it is straight.

Protect Your Hard Work:
Spray on a frizz reducer/shine spray or holding spray depending on your needs.

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