Beauty How-To: Soothe Tired Feet

Let’s face it, all of those killer heels are, well, killer. When you don’t have time to get the massage your need, or have a nail tech take a pumice stone to your heels, you can take care of your feet at home.

Warm Bath:
Prepare a warm bath in a foot bath if you have one, or soak your whole body in the tub. Either way, add some aromatherapy, like lavender or rosemary to help with relaxation.

While your feet are soaking, lightly exfoliate your tootsies with a loofah and foot scrub. Use a scrub that contains peppermint, or add a few drops of the essential oil to your favorite scrub to help soothe tired feet.

Look for a foot cream that has a cooling agent, like peppermint. Towel off your soaked feet and rub in the foot lotion.

Foot Massage:
Rubbing your own feet can be effective, but if you can manage to have a certain special someone give you a foot massage it will be worth whatever way you’ll come up with to thank them.

Air Exposure:
Don’t wear shoes or socks when you don’t have to.

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