Beauty How-To: Repair a Split Nail

Forget about cuticles, chipped polish, or buffing- if you’ve got a jagged edged nail or one split down the center, someone’s going to notice. Don’t worry about chopping your claws off or growing out a painful crack because mending a torn digit is easier than breaking it.

Crazy Glue:
Besides the fact that we will glue all of our fingers together, always go easy on the application of nail glue because it can be very damaging in abundance. Carefully apply a small amount of crazy glue to the crack and use a pencil or stick to push the split edges together.

Grab some toilet paper or a tea bag:
It’s like a makeshift set of tips. Use an empty tea bag or slice of toilet paper to seal the gap in your nail. Cut a small piece of the material to fit over your split, coat it in clear polish and place it over the damaged area. Add another coat of clear polish to secure it down, and use a colored polish to camouflage the crack completely.

Repair kits:
Keep a simple nail repair kit at home and in your vehicle for last-minute nail repairs, available at any beauty supply store.

Clear tape:
Tape won’t fix your problem, but it will suffice for a bit. Cut a piece of clear tape to stick to your nail, and smooth out all of its corners accordingly. Use a nail file to roughen the edges a bit and go over the shoddy concoction with a coat of polish.

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