Beauty How-To: Remove a Fake Tan Gone Wrong

Everyone looks better bronze, but no one looks good orange. Whether it’s streaky skin, cocoa colored palms, or an oompa-loompa complexion, here are the quick and easy steps to undo your sun in a bottle boo-boo.

Run, don’t walk, to a hot shower. The warm water will open your pores and loosen some of the color off of your skin. Exfoliate with a rough sponge or loofah.

Towel Off:
Dry your body completely. Avoid using a good towel- it will get stained.

Lemon-y Fresh:
Coat your tanned skin in lemon juice. Another option is hydrogen peroxide, but test a small patch of skin with the peroxide before dousing yourself in it. The chemical could irritate sensitive skin. No matter how bad your tanning botchery is, do not use both lemon and peroxide on your skin, unless you want to go from orange to red.

Try a Sugar Scrub:
Adding sugar to the lemon juice will help remove more of the tanning product by exfoliating the layers of skin that have been colored. Leave the lemon juice on for about a minute and then hop back into a warm shower. If you’ve gone the hydrogen peroxide route, wipe the liquid off with a plain ol’ towel.

Once the tan (or most of it) is gone, make sure to moisturize your skin. The lemon or peroxide will dry it out extremely quickly.

Next time, splurge on a better tanning product and avoid the cheap ones. Follow the instructions step by step to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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