Beauty How-To: Remove A Callous

For women with ticklish feet, a pumice stone scrubbing can feel more like torture than a treatment. Luckily, there are home remedies that can de-callous your feet without the invasive tingle of a pedicure. (Those who have diabetes or poor circulation should avoid these procedures)

Apply Softening Products:
Purchase a callous-removing lotion or softening cream. Using a product like this as instructed once, even twice a day will leave heels silky smooth..

Saturate Foot:
Let your feet soak up the callous lotion for 15-20 minutes. Slide on a pair of thick socks or slippers and allow the heat to open foot pores.

Soak and Scrape:
For 5 minutes, drop your feet into the hottest pool of water your can stand.

File Away:
Use a specialty callous file to smooth the rough edges of feet. Don’t cut corners and try to remove a callous with scissors or a razor- it won’t end well, trust us.

Sand with Pumice:
After you file, sand down your callus gently with a pumice stone.

Wash, Dry and Wait:
Wash the area gently with soap and let it air dry.

Use Salicylic Acid:
Try applying OTC Salicylic Acid to your callous, being careful to avoid surrounding skin. Then, file away.

Essential Oils:
Mix together vanilla, lavender, myrrh and sweet almond essential oils and massage it into your callus daily. This potion is capable of softening the skin so it is easier to remove with a file. The worst that can happen is your feet will smell really good.

Call a Doctor:
Contact a doctor immediately if your callus looks infected. If you are diabetic or have a cracked, scabbed, or painful callus that won’t go away, skip the home removal and see a professional.