Beauty How-To: Put on Eye Cream

No one wants to take off their sunglasses and instantly age ten years because of the lines on their face. Eye cream reduces the fine lines and wrinkles that are the most obvious signs of aging, and its never too young to start using a product that reduces crow’s feet and heavy bags.

The Right Eye Cream for 20-Somethings:
Women in their 20’s should look for a cooling eye cream or one that has an SPF of at least 20. These are not your mother’s eye creams. The worst 20-somethings will experience is puffiness because of short-slept nights, crying, or allergies. A cooling cream will treat puffy eyes and swelling, while an eye cream with SPF protection prevents sun damage.

The Right Eye Cream for 30-Somethings:
Women in their 30’s should keep up with the regimen of their 20’s, but switch to a cream with hydroxy acids. These acids exfoliate dead skin, leaving your face with a fresher, brighter layer of young skin. It’s important to use SPF protection along with hydroxy acid because they leave your skin more susceptible to burns and sun damage.

The Right Eye Cream for 40-Somethings:
If 40 is really going to be the new 30, 40-year-olds are going to have to start adding Vitamin A to their eye cream regimen. This will keep free radicals at bay, which fight skin cells to cause the most devious wrinkles.

Organic Eye Creams for All Ages:
Organic is age-defying. Anyone who doesn’t want to put chemicals on their skin can use organic eye creams. Look for green or black tea extracts in the ingredients, as these will sooth puffy, irritated eyes and fight signs of aging.