Beauty How-To: Prevent Split Ends

Picking at split end has kept us amused during many boring meetings, dull classes, and unbearable family car rides. Unfortunately, these bad boys are also responsible for dry and damaged looking hair, killing the ends of your strands, and can only be removed by a good snip. So, how do we prevent split ends and eliminate the problem altogether? We are glad you asked…

Hydrate Your Hair:
Deep condition your hair weekly with rich, creamy moisturizing conditioners to prevent split ends. When hair is not properly conditioned and hydrated the cuticle becomes brittle and is more likely to unravel and split.

Drop the Heat!:
Heat appliances like blow dryers and flat irons leave your hair thirstyt. Using less heat will help you prevent the moisture loss that causes split ends.

Check Your Styling Tools:
Toss out your combs with seams along the “teeth.” Unfortunately, these seams can snag and tear through your hair. Opt for seamless, bone combs instead.

Sharpen Your Hair Shears:
If you chop your own locks, make sure your scissor blades are razor sharp. Dull scissors can’t make clean cuts and leave these snaggly suckers behind.

Avoid Chemicals!:
Harsh permanent coloring products and chemical relaxers damage and degrade your hair, leaving it a prime candidates for split ends.

Work Your Acidic Rinses:
Try pouring a mixture of 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to 2 cups of water over your head after you rinse your regular conditioner. Weekly acidic rinses will help keep your cuticles smooth, flat and intact. Split ends are less likely to form when your cuticle is good condition.

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