Beauty How-To: Ouchless Waxing

Waxing your eyebrows is a necessary evil. The heat, the anticipation, the pulling, and the pain. The least we can do it make it hurt less if we are going to shell out cash for this modern form of torture.

Take Advil 1 Hour Before Waxing:
It turns out Advil isn’t only for headaches. Pop a pill or two an hour before you get waxed and the drug will have kicked in for when you need it to dull pain most.

Use an Eyebrow Wax for Sensitive Skin:
Sensitive skin formulas aren’t only for the fair complexioned. These kinds of waxes will cause less pain overall.

Hold the Surrounding Skin to Create a Tighter Surface:
Tightening the skin by holding it or pulling it before pulling a wax strip makes the area less sensitive.

Rip Strips Off Fast Like Band-Aids:
Ever heard the phrase “quick like a Band Aid”? Ripping a strip off quickly will leave a sting for a moment, but you will feel less pain overall.

Ice (Before and) Afterward:
The chill of the ice cube will numb the area before you wax off hair. Afterward, it will prevent swelling and after-pain.