Beauty How-To: How to Decide Which Color Mascara to Use

Black, brown, clear, blue- how’s a girl to chose? Mascaras have become so diverse in color it seems that eyelashes are the new “it” bag. Our tip: stick to natural hues for a classic look and save the crayola-colors for a fiesta.

When to Use Brown:
If you have lighter lashes, brown mascara is the best choice for you. Black mascara on a natural blond will look raccoon-like and heavy. Keep the color light to add definition without overwhelming your face.

When to Use Black:
Black mascara is best for darker-locked ladies. The blacker the black, the higher the drama. So if you’re averse to deeply dramatic lashes, opt for a brown-black version to soften the look.

When to Use Clear:
Many women ask, “What’s the point?” when it comes to clear mascara. Although the gel won’t add color, clear mascara adds shine and volume to lashes without covering their natural color.

When to Use Colors:
Save the electric shades of mascara for night out on the town. A blue or purple tint can add a fun twist to neutral eyes. But remember, neutral eyes. Avoid looking like a circus performer by forgoing vivid shadows when wearing colored mascara.

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