Beauty How-To: Give Yourself Highlights

We don’t know about you, but if we have the spare time and money to get our hair salon highlighted, we’d rather spend it on a good night out or a new pair of shoes. Why pay to sit in a chair for hours when you can get the same results in your bathroom?

Use Water and the Sun:
The easiest and healthiest (although the slowest) way to highlight your hair is to keep it wet and in the sun. Your hair will naturally lighten with minimal damage.

Use the Sun and Lemon Juice or Tea:
For blondes and brunettes, adding lemon juice to water and dousing their hair with it will leave sun-kissed locks lighter by exposure. Using chamomile tea instead of lemon juice can bring out natural red highlights. Counteract the drying properties by adding conditioner to the mixture, and then wash it all out by adding baking soda to shampoo.

Purchase a Home Highlighting Kit:
Chose an at-home kit that’s closest to your natural hair color.

Add Highlights:
Isolate the sections of hair that you want to lighten and add the coloring mixture to those strands. Focus highlighting the strands around your face and the top half of your head.

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