Beauty How-To: Give Your Hands a Moisturizing Treatment

Your hands always take the blunt of the day’s activities, but they’re also the first thing you show someone when you introduce yourself. Make a good first impression by treating your hands to a moisturizing process that will make your grown-up paws baby soft.

Remove dry skin and moisturize:
Exfoliate our hands at least once a week by adding sea salt to an oil (almond, olive, or otherwise) and scrubbing your hands with the mixture. Any body scrub will do the trick if you don’t have the time to whip up your own concoction.

Daily maintenance tips:
Slip on rubber or latex gloves before doing any hand-intensive work, like gardening or washing dishes. Always keep lotion on hand or next to your sink for immediate use.

Overnight moisturizing:
Apply a super thick moisturizing lotion, or petroleum jelly to your hands before sleep. Keep them wrapped in a pair of moisturizing hand gloves or something as simple as kitchen mittens.

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