Beauty How-To: Fix Discolored Nails

The latest nail polish trend may be here to stay, especially after it tints your nails some not-so-natural color. Using colored polish too frequently, along with other discoloring factors like smoking, can add a yellow stain to finger tips. For those who notice their white tips looking a little dingy, we’ll have you wearing clear coats sooner than you think.

Reach for a Lemon:
Lemon juice is the easiest way to bring the pink back to our nails. Cut a lemon in half, stick your little piggies in the center, and twist the grossness off.

Alka-Seltzer tablets always made granny’s teeth look white as snow, so why wouldn’t it work on nails? Drop a few tablets in a warm bowl of water and soak your fingers in 10 minute intervals.

Hydrogen Peroxide:
Like a magic potion, just a little peroxide will go a long way. Drop some in a bowl, give your fingers a wade, and rinse the residue off. Remember to aply hand lotion.

Add Some Baking Soda:
If the Hydrogen Peroxide alone doesn’t do the job, add a little baking soda to blast nail stains away. Combine the two ingredients to make a paste and slather it onto your nails for 3- minutes.

Professional Nail Whitening Products:
When all else fails, turn to the pros. Search sites like Amazon and Sephora for nail whitening products that swarm the beauty market.

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