Beauty How-To: Cut Your Own Hair

Let’s be honest, a bad hair cut is enough to ruin your look until it grows out. We are not saying your should restyle your ‘do all on your own, but for a quick trim or a touch up when you can’t make it to your stylist, take these tips into the bathroom with a pair of trimming scissors and chop-chop.

Wash & Condition:
Always cut your hair when it’s wet. Just like you’d do at the salon, wash and condition your hair before you trim.

Separate & Section:
Take a fine toothed comb and create separate sections with clips. A rule of thumb is to start at the undermost layer when learning how to cut your own hair, leaving the rest piled on top of your head.

Comb & Snip:
Use your comb to pull out the strands straight, using the edge as a guide to where you should begin snipping. Go slowly, making sure that you are getting a straight edge every time before actually cutting.

Check & Unclasp:
Use a handheld makeup mirror to see all around your head to check that the first layer is even before unclasping another section to trim. Continue with another small layer, stopping often to look closely at your progress.

Blow-Dry & Style:
You know the drill: style your hair as you usually would.

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