Beauty How-To: Chose a Hairbrush

Round barrels, handles, and bristles, oh my! One walk down the hairbrush isle at any drugstore and our heads are spinning at the site of so many tools. But which ones will give you the perfect blow out without tangles, and which will add shine when you pull back your pony? Picking the perfect brush is easier than you think.

The pick:
A pick, or wide-toothed comb is ideal for loosening knots in wet hair. Fine curls can also use a comb-through with this bad boy since it will separate hair without adding frizz.

The round brush:
Heaven’s styling tool, a blow out wouldn’t be the same without a large round brush. Tuck it under locks and pull away from the scalp to add volume, and pull strands taught to dry wavy or curly hair straight.

The vented brush:
No time to blow dry? No problem. Vents allow for optimum air flow through hair, meaning less heat damage and minimum drying time.

The paddle brush:
The detangler. The paddle brush is perfect for everyday use, or when strands need some smoothing over.

Types of bristles:
Look for natural fibers when choosing a brush. Nylon and boar bristles are less likely to break hair than synthetic plastic or metal ones.

Brush tips:
You want the bristles of any brush or comb to have rounded tips. These are less likely to tear and break hair. Toss your tools when they lose the rounded edge.

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