Beauty How-To: Choosing The Right Bangs For Your Face Shape

Bangs are like denim: one size does not fit all. If you want to add bangs to your ‘do, make sure you know what kind your face shape takes. Not sure where your bangs should fall? No problem! We’ve got your go-to guide for choosing the right bangs for you.Alright Spongebob, like round faces, you will want to use your hair to make it appear longer. Opt for layered bangs, which will show most of your forehead and make your face look longer. Blunt, thick bangs are a big no-no for square faces.

Rectangular Face:
You’re in the same boat as your square-faced friends.

Oval Face:
You lucky bitches look good in any style. Be creative and go for the cut that appeals to you, because chances are it’s going to look just fine.

Oblong Face:
Like oval faces, you guys can pull off just about anything. Except, we recommend avoiding side-swept bangs, which drastically elongate faces.

Heart-Shaped Face:
Opt for wispy, angled bangs to make your chin look more delicate. If you want a bolder look, have your stylist thicken the bangs by pulling more hair into them.

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