Beauty How-To: Choose Blush for Olive Skin Tones

A makeup routine isn’t complete without a couple sweeps of blush across the cheeks. Without the flush of color, faces look washed-out and even ghostly. But for girls with olive skin, finding the right shade of blush can be a challenge.

Identify Your Undertone:
The first step in picking your blush is recognizing your skin’s natural undertone. Common skin undertones are pink, yellow, blue and olive.

Work with Warm Tones:
Ideally, blush colors should mimic the color of your makeup-free pinched cheeks. Another option for a good blush shade is the color of your natural lips. Olive skin tones need warm blush colors like bronzes, beiges, coppers and deep corals.

Hair and Eye Color Considerations:
Dark pinks and mauves compliment olive-skinned women with dark hair and eyes, while women with lighter hair and eyes should consider peaches, deep oranges, and soft browns and apricots.

When in Doubt:
Rule of thumb for olive skin tones: opt for the darker shades over the lighter ones

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