Beauty How-To: Buff Your Nails

That flawless nail salon finish comes from the swipe-and-shine technique of buffing. With the right tools and instructions, you’ll be skipping the spa and cleaning up your own nails in no time

Select Your Tools:
Pick up a square emory boards that have a different type of file on each side.

Get a Fresh Start:
Take off your old nail polish with a gentle non-acetone remover

Clip and File:
Clip your nails straight across and file them, moving the emory board in one direction to avoid splitting the nail.

Start Strong:
Use the roughest textured side of the emory board to file the edges of your nails first. Emery board panels are often numbered, so there’s no guess work about finding the right panel!

Continue to Buff the Surface:
Repeat this process with each side of the nail file, spending about 20 seconds on each nail.

Smooth It:
The lightest textured panel is typically smooth. This panel will buff and add shine to your nail. The shine will be added gradually so spend as much time as you need to with this last file.

Finishing Touches:
For a stronger, longer shine, try adding a clear polish to your nails or rubbing lotion over hands.

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