Beauty How-To: Blow Out Your Hair

The perfect blow out is like the beauty holy grail. Often heard of, but never attained, it is a thing of hair styling legend. Well, call us treasure hunters because we’ve got the steps to finding this style essential on lockdown.

The Blow Dryer
Don’t skimp on your tools. Investing in a decent hair dryer will pay off in the end. Not only will it make a huge difference in styling time and performance, but it will probably outlast a cheaper product.

Picking Product
Using a styling product before blow drying will help set up your hair for the long haul. Products can help provide body, style and texture to your hair while also moisturizing and, depending on the product, conditioning.

Applying Product
If your hair is thin and straight and requires extra body, apply some mousse to it before blow drying. On the other hand, if your hair is course and thick, you might want to add a conditioner and gel before going at it.

Preventing Frizz
If your hair is prone to frizzing, purchase a diffuser and attach it to the end of the blow dryer. Scrunch your hair for extra frizz protection.

Don’t Dry Out
Dry your hair until it is just a tiny bit damp and then stop. Leaving your hair with a small amount of dampness allows it to stay healthier and more hydrated.

Style and Go
After blow drying your hair, add a little more product if you like and comb through the strands with your fingertips. If you have curly hair, stay away from the brush or the frizz will return. Instead, scrunch your curls.

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