Beauty How-To: Apply Mascara to Asian Eyes

An Asian woman’s eyes are her sexiest facial feature. Seductive and coy, topping any look with mascara will make eyes pop and add a bit of glam to otherwise hum-drum makeup.

Curl It Up:
While Asian lashes tend to be straight and point downward, teasing them with a few pumps of an eyelash curler will add a wide-eyed, open curl. A heated lash curler tends to do the trick more efficiently than the standard tool.

Magic Wand:
Open your tube of mascara and swirl the wand and brush in the bottle. Do not pump the wand: this adds air to the tube and will dry out the makeup quickly, and pack all of the paint at the bottom of the bottle. Use the end of the mascara wand to add mascara to the tips of your upper lashes. Turn the mascara wand sideways and fill up the lashes with mascara volume. Let the top lashes dry and apply mascara to the bottom lashes by holding the wand parallel to the eye and stroking the lashes gently.

Day and Night:
One coat of mascara is fine for day time wear, but at night you can load lashes up. At night you can add a second layer of mascara to your eye lashes to build volume and a beautiful look.

Major Don’ts:
Never sleep in your eye makeup. Remove mascara with baby oil or eye make up remover before you catch some zzz’s.

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