Win This! V-Day Gifts From Urban Outfitters

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or taken, The Frisky wants to be your Valentine. Look for a contest each day leading up to Feb. 14. Prizes will include makeup, books, lingerie, jewelry, and more, but each one only lasts a day—enter now!

Urban Outfitters has curated all kinds of groovy items for their Valentine’s Day shop, and they were kind enough to put together a grab bag of gifts for us. The bag includes: Lust, a very adult card game; Oh My God! 365 Ways to Get Off, a helpful tome by Rebecca Swanner; Love by Karen Porter; as well as what looks like the book we can most identify with, Mortified: Love Is a Battlefield, a collection of embarrassing romantic tales by David Nadelberg.

WIN THIS! We’re giving away one box of Urban Outfitters goodies, but you have to work if you want it. Share your most shameful love stories in the comments by 2:59 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 7 (that’s tomorrow!). We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Good luck!

UPDATE! The winner of the Urban Outfitters V-Day prize pack is LadyMacBeth for this comment:

I have plenty of gut wrenchingly shameful stories, but anyone from my area could put me and my screen name together. It’s a small state and my exceptional creativity combined with my lack of self-preservation and poor judgment means I’m going to cling to the veil of anonymity. Here’s something that I’m not proud of, but hey, it worked…

When a certain, younger version of my PA moved into my dorm I cleverly deduced from the number of concert t-shirts he wore that he was a fan of something called NIN.  Went and got me a CD and played it with my dormroom door open so he would hear as he passed and hopefully notice. Of course he did.  The pained look on my face (I listened only to country music and filk at that point in time.) probably gave me away.  He said he knew something was up when I told him I found the CD relaxing.

He was a CS major and very willing to share software.  I was the first person in my family to get her own computer and I was thrilled by this – I’d been doing just fine on the Works program that came with the computer but after a two sentence conversation with the future PA I suddenly agreed that I needed something called Office installed on my computer. But, of course, I’d never done that kind of thing before and had no idea how to go about it…

A few months more of these “clever” schemes and finally our entire dorm took pity on my obviousness and his oblivion and took drastic measures. We’ll have been together 16 years this week.

Thanks for all your comments!