How Much Celebs Get Paid To Watch Fashion Shows

Think celebrities simply love fashion so much that they jet across the world attending shows for their health (or uh, so they can be all up on the new trends)? Not so much. After all, that’s what they pay their stylists for. Much like party appearances and Twitter advertorials, the stars make handsome Benjamins for sitting pretty in the front row. Fashionista brilliantly curated a list of the digits, and you might be surprised at how much–and how little–some celebs will donate their time for. Check out who rakes in the big bucks, after the jump. Rihanna is clearly the reigning catwalk queen, as she commands a cool $100,000-plus to look conspicuous at a show. And all this time we just thought she really, really loved clothes. Close behind her are Beyonce and the Olsen twins, but some A-listers have really fallen out of fashion: J.Lo used to get paid about $80,000, but she’s been demoted to a mere $30,000 check. Peanuts! And whereas Lindsay Lohan used to command a respectable $60,000, she has now been placed on the UNINVITED list. Oh, the shame!

B-Listers like Blake Lively, Leighton Meetser and Hilary Duff get about $40,000-$50,000, and, inexplicably, some designers will pay Jared Leto $25,000 to show. Really? C-level Kim Kardashian gets about $35,000-$50,000, but get this: Her old pal Paris Hilton either gets paid nothing or according to some fashion houses, has been relegated to the no-invite bleachers with Lindsay. Hey, at least they can sit and commiserate about the good old days together, right? [Fashionista]