The Top 10 Guys To Follow On Twitter For Love Advice

Just the other day, we shared with you the 10 tweeps (plus one!) you should follow on Twitter for all your dating advice needs. That list was pretty incredible, but we’re not done. Oh no. Twitter has too much to offer! Today, we present you with the top 10 guys you should be following on Twitter: guys who tweet about love, dating, relationships and the bro code. Because sometimes it’s nice to have that demystifying male perspective. Without further ado:1. @factsnfriction

A UK-based blogger who writes about life at university, and the acts of debauchery that sometimes occur there, Jake Holden’s mischievous and often naughty tweets make it impossible for us to look away.

Sample Tweet: Mmmm, distracting the girlfriend from her revision with dirty texts. So much fun. Read more

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