The Frisky Plays Matchmaker For Reese Witherspoon

It looks like Reese Witherspoon may be ready to play the field again after her split from hottie BF Jake Gyllenhaal. A single and ready-to-mingle Reese was spotted at a Santa Monica Italian restaurant, Locanda Portofino, last Thursday with big-time Hollywood agent Jim Toth. Yeah, he’s easy on the eyes for sure, but I’m thinking he is probably a rebound if anything. Let’s help find Reese someone special this Valentine’s Day season. After the jump, our suggestions for whom Reese should date next.

  • If Gael Garcia Bernal finds out he’s not the baby daddy of his 1-year-old son, he should cry on Reese’s shoulder. They’re both wee and would be like little pocket pals! Plus, they could commiserate about their recent heartaches!
  • Since Reese is such a good girl, we’d be interested to see what would happen if we threw her to Tommy Lee. Sex tape?
  • We think younger dudes like Robert Pattinson, Emile Hirsch, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt could get her inner cougar purring.
  • Viggo Mortensen could be just the older, smoking hot man for Reese. Enough with all of these boys already … she needs a Viggo.
  • We think that Reese might wanna go Lenny Kravitz’s way. Sexy.
  • Has Reese explored her feminine side enough? We could give her a little Samantha Ronson and wait for the bitchfest with Lilo, who would no doubt show up at her door all nuts, in her ripped, expensive leggings.
  • We think Javier Bardem (if he’s done with Penelope Cruz) could knock the interesting back into Reese’s love life.
  • Reese needs a pro, not an amateur. May we suggest football player Matt Leinart? He looks like Jake and has a child, but is no longer with the mother. Touchdown.
  • Reese needs a man who’s not so serious, who can make her laugh. Ahem … Andy Samberg or Jason Segel.