Autopsy Reports For Brittany Murphy And Casey Johnson Are Surprising

The Los Angeles coroner’s office had a sadly busy day yesterday, releasing autopsy reports for both Brittany Murphy and Casey Johnson. Rumors had us believing that drug use played a part in both deaths, but that’s apparently not the case. The reports say that no illicit drugs were found in either woman’s system. Casey Johnson’s official cause of death was ruled to be “diabetic ketoacidosis,” which is caused by a shortage of insulin. A source told tabloids that hypodermic needles were found at Johnson’s house after her death, leading to the theory that she had died when she forgot to take her insulin after a drug-fueled night. That theory is now out the window. [People]

Meanwhile, Brittany Murphy’s death was caused by a case of pneumonia; however, prescription drugs and anemia played a part, too. The coroners aren’t saying exactly which prescription drugs (we assume that they were prescribed to her, since they were deemed “illicit”?). Though her husband, Simon Monjack, said she was taking an anti-seizure medicine as well as Robitussin to calm her flu-like symptoms. [Huffington Post]

None of these results change the fact that both deaths are tragic. And while both could potentially have been prevented, it is good to know that foul play was not involved and that these aren’t typical Hollywood overdose cases.