Moms Told To Stop Looking Like Slobs At School Drop-Offs

Listen up, mothers! Change out of those pajama bottoms and put some damn lipstick on, because you look like a slob!

That’s the pissy message one school in England is sending to mothers who pick up and drop off their kids in the clothes they’ve slept in. School head Joe McGuinness said he was compelled to write a letter home to parents after allegedly witnessing 50 mothers at drop-off wearing PJ bottoms and slippers. His note complained about the “slovenly and rude” attire, called the PJ-clad parents “disrespectful to the school,” and claimed the too-casual dress set a “bad example” for kids. When confronted by London’s Daily Mail, McGuinness defended himself, asking, “People don’t go to see a lawyer, bank manager or doctor dressed in pajamas, so why do they think it’s okay to drop their children off at school dressed like that?”

Maybe you have a point there, Mr. McGuinness. But did you ever consider that some of these parents are bloggers who went into the profession precisely because they could wear pajamas all day? [Daily Mail UK]