World Of Warcraft Can Change Your Sex Life

Do the gamers have game? What’s behind the avatar? Can an Undead Warlock ever get along with a Gnome Warrior? got down and dirty with a handful of World of Warcraft players to find out what’s up in their bedroom and in Azeroth. We’ve got the highlights …The Good

  • Attention to Detail: So they’ve got to balance quests and raids, as well as their fellow players’ needs. You can expect a similar level of diligence in bed.
  • Compromise: Your raiding buddy wants the same epic you do, but his need is greater, so you let him have it. Next time, you get the awesome armor. WoW players should be able to apply this same principle by ceding ownership of the remote control or agreeing to visit your mother.
  • Brain power: Playing WoW keeps those creative juices flowing. And if what they say about the brain being our most powerful sexual organ is true, then that WoW ought to be the sexiest stimulator!

The Bad

  • Dates: Birthdays and raiding schedules may compete. Yikes!
  • Loyalty: So you’re both players. You’re with the Horde, and he plays for the Alliance. The whole relationship may be doomed to fail in major Romeo and Juliet a-plague-on-both-your-houses way.
  • Jealousy: One of you is bound to have better gear or bigger skills. As if real life didn’t offer enough opportunity for the green-eyed monster.

And finally, some great advice about (non-WoW) porn from a WoW player:

“I think every couple should talk about sex openly; that said, I wouldn’t “Go ahead and pop in a DVD.” Talk to her casually and see how she feels about porn. If she’s open to it, perhaps start with something a little more soft-core before breaking out the crazy stuff. Make sure you are watching this to enhance the experience together. Don’t make it seem like you’re imagining Jenna Jameson’s face on her body.”

What say you? What does WoW do for you? [Nerve]