In Bed With … Matt Bomer From “White Collar”

October 11,1977 in Spring, Texas
Sun Sign: Libra
Ascendant: unknown
Moon: Libra
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Virgo
Mars: Cancer

Love Style:

When it comes to love and commitment, Matt is the crème de la crème — the kind of a guy who welcomes partnerships and is generous and nurturing in them. Sure, he may not be the most assertive guy — even flaky at times — but when it comes to whom he does hold close to his heart, Matt goes at it fully dedicated, understanding not just the emotional parts of being in a relationship, but also the responsibilities. Of course, nothing comes at a small price, and the one to unlock this side to him must have the most charming bravado. Otherwise, Matt will creep along being forever flaky. Yes, to be the yin to his yang, one will need to give intimacy confidently and, since he isn’t always the most forthright in asking for it, that person must also have a keen sense to read Matt in-between the lines and give just the right amount of sweet and lighthearted love at the right moments, with the goal of making Matt feel warm and safe.

Sex Style:

Matt’s pretty and sweet, but chances are he’s not the most aggressive boy in the sack. Yes, you know it, a cutie who’ll do as you say and most likely serve the person he desires like a queen, but he will need some direction. The good thing is he does like to cuddle before and after and he’s a guaranteed pro at oral. However, starting it up with him can be a chore, as the right timing may be a bit sketchy to detect. When it comes to sex, he’s more of a follower than a leader. Sure, he’ll like it when nudged, but to get the best sex out of him, one is better operating more subtly and seemingly letting it just happen. No matter, once he does get in the groove, he delivers warmly, sweetly and emotionally — yes, sex that is primed for relationships rather than just hot and sweaty screwing with passersby.

His Type:

How you present yourself is going to matter, as Mr. Bomer is ruled by beauty and needs a partner who is going to make him look as good as he wants to feel. Yes, he is going to be examining his relationship from all angles and will want perfection. Plus, he’s a social guy, so he’ll be on the hunt for someone with regal social graces who can add to his worth. Behind the scenes, he’s no dummy, so that will also mean his soul mate must have brains, refined tastes and preferably an artsy bent, as that is what he thrives on — culture, beauty and harmony. Sure, someone who can handle strong emotions is relevant too, as his partner will need to be the top. Matt wants to be ruled with a strong hand because he wants to be part of a relationship that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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