Goth Kitties? Woman Busted For Piercing Cats’ Ears And Tails

Here’s a super not-cute cat tale. Pennsylvania dog groomer Holly Crawford had a genius idea. She’d take some kittens, pierce their ears, necks and tails, and market the little tykes on eBay as “Goth Kitties.” Last month, her home was raided and she was put on trial for animal cruelty. Crawford plead not guilty. “When I did it, it wasn’t with any cruel intentions,” she said. “They were definitely loved, well-fed, no fleas, clipped nails. And they were happy.” Her defense pointed out that parents pierce their kids ears all the time and that isn’t considered inhumane. Fine, except that Crawford used a 14-gauge needle for the piercings—the same type used for cattle—on little kittens. Plus, vets testified that the ear piercings very possibly damaged the cat’s hearing and that the neck and tail piercings could hinder their ability to balance and jump. Well, yesterday, a court found Crawford guilty. I’m kind of glad to hear that. I won’t lie. I’ve thought about dying a little streak of my cat’s hair blue to match my own, but I know better than to actually do it. [Discover]