Em & Lo’s 10 Most Memorable Moments From “SEX: How To Do Everything”

Sex and relationships writers Em & Lo (those sexy broads above!) recently hosted the 10-episode U.K. television show “SEX: How to Do Everything,” which is now finally available in the States on DVD! Just check out the trailer above! The series is chock-full of tips, on-the-street and in-studio interviews, fun segments like the Central Park confessional booth and the Times Square 5-cent advice booth, and how-to demonstrations from various models illustrating a variety of different techniques, from the ordinary to the super-scandalous. So we asked Em & Lo to list the 10 most memorable moments from the show

  1. Solo Suck: We interviewed a man who pretty much makes a living, um, going down on himself (he’s got a DVD called “Because I Can,” natch). During the studio interview with us, he demonstrated how he got into position — fortunately he was fully dressed in a suit at the time. Less fortunately, the producers later managed to convince him to demonstrate naked.
  2. The Bathtub Photo: The image on the cover of our DVD (see above) looks glamorous: champagne, strawberries, bubbles … though it was anything but. By the time we got through hair and makeup, the water was chilly and the bubbles kept disappearing, so between shots the photographer’s assistant used a kitchen whisk to keep the bath frothy.
  3. The Confessional Booth: There’s a recurring feature in the show where we show up at a public location — e.g. Union Square or Central Park in NYC, Leicester Square in London — with a portable confessional booth and ask passersby to confess their sexual sins: We heard strangers confess everything from falling asleep while receiving oral attention to borrowing a friend’s toothbrush for use as a sex toy (and not telling said friend)! One mother and toddler stopped by, thinking a puppet show was about to start — the director convinced them to move along quickly…
  4. Mistress Absolute: One of our favorite interviewees was this London-based dominatrix, who was smart, sophisticated and — get this — had a great sense of humor! She seemed like she could totally be one of our friends we go to the movies with, save for the slave she had on a leash. We swore at the time that we were going to get one of our own to do our housework, though we reckon being a dominatrix is a lot more work than she let on.
  5. Find The G-spot Game: We took a cross-section anatomical model of the female reproductive system out onto the streets of NYC (in broad daylight … in the family-friendly theater district, oy!) and asked people to locate the G-spot. We don’t care how over-sexed you think our culture is, people still have no idea where it is! We loved the man in his 50s, out for a day at the theater with his wife and teenage daughter, who just missed the mark and said, in his defense, “Well, that’s where MY wife tells me hers is!”
  6. The Furries: How can you NOT ask a group of people who dress up as cats for sex if they’ve seen the musical “Cats”? We certainly couldn’t help ourselves.
  7. Demonstrations by Laura and Ricardo: The producers found two absolutely gorgeous models (strangers at the time) to illustrate various tips and techniques. The scenes are shot beautifully and tastefully. And the couple has great, natural chemistry. They did all the naughty stuff that the two of us are far too prudish for.
  8. The Super Orgasmer: In an empty restaurant, we interviewed Marrena Lindberg, author of The Orgasm Diet, about her dietary suggestions to increase libido. She happens to be able to climax at will (and without any manual stimulation) many, many, many times a day. Our director insisted that we ask her to demonstrate, and so she did, right across the table from us, using a men’s mag as a visual aid … because it had Stephen Colbert on the cover, she said. There really is no precedent for the correct etiquette in this situation. Do you look away? Politely nod along? Cheer, high-five? We went for awkward frozen smiles.
  9. 5-Cent Sex Advice: Another recurring feature, we would show up in public spots with our “5-Cent Sex Advice” booth, à la Charlie Brown. Our first location, in downtown NYC, happened to be a hang-out for the, shall we say, down and out. A few of them did ask us questions, though needless to say, they didn’t make the final cut (though we were quite touched by the woman who wanted advice on writing dirty letters to her girlfriend in prison).
  10. Dog Toy Or Sex Toy: It’s a favorite on-the-street game of ours that never gets old. Sometimes it really is hard to tell the difference between a chew toy and a butt plug!

“SEX: How to Do Everything” is available for purchase now. Em & Lo blog every day about sex, love, and everything in between at EMandLO.com.