And The Prize Goes To … The Best Gift You Bought Yourself

Last Friday, we asked you to tell us about an item you bought to treat yourself, and you seriously blew us away. We almost teared up a few times because your stories of personal purchases showed what’s important to you, and how much you value yourself. After much deliberation, we decided reader Maggie’s story was our favorite:

I recently landed a sweet job as a nanny. This is my first real job outside of college, and I’m like Mary Poppins. I live in their attic and have lots of stuff in my bag. I love the kids I nanny for, and the family has made me feel so welcome and loved in their home. I used part of my first paycheck on some artwork for my little attic apartment. I bought a block print of a vintage bicycle from an artist on Etsy, and I’m so pleased. It’s the first piece of real art I’ve been able to buy for myself since I became a real person outside of the college bubble, and it’s nice having some art that I love to put up in my new home and make the space my own.

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