A Month Of Outfits Worn By Alexa Chung

Many of us at The Frisky were completely bummed when Alexa Chung’s MTV show, “It’s On With Alexa Chung,” got canceled, not because we watched it regularly (we’re at work at the time, as we suspect most of the audience was), but because it gave us the opportunity to see Alexa’s outfits on a daily basis. Thankfully, she’s on the February cover of British Vogue, and she’s doing a style diary on their website all month. The best part about her “Today I’m Wearing … ” posts is that you can tell the photos aren’t professionally shot since they’re sort of fuzzy, like cell phone snaps. Even so, we get the idea of what she’s got on and her descriptions are priceless. Yesterday, she paired “a bow in my hair by Kleenex” with a white Topshop dress, and today she stood at what she calls a “petrol station” and said her chic nerd ensemble was “boring …. Tomorrow will be better.” We’ll be checking back to see if she keeps her word. [Vogue.co.uk]