Will You Be Watching “Hotter Than My Daughter”?

The only thing I can say about this show, “Hotter Than My Daughter,” is that it’s wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack. The concept is pretty simple: The show follows a mother/daughter pair where the mother likes to wear as little clothing as possible while the daughter is a bit more conservative. Take Sharon and her daughter Kobie in the preview above. Sharon may have three children and is about to be a grandma (Kobie is pregnant), but that doesn’t stop her from showing off the surgically-enhanced goodies. “Well, I’ve spent so much money on my boobs that I may as well show them off … I even drive a forklift at my boyfriend’s company in hot pants,” she says. “I just feel empty if I am covered up as I don’t get the attention I love. I thrive on it.” Eek. The British series premieres on the BBC tonight and let’s just hope it doesn’t catch on and make its way across the pond. Because nothing is sadder to me than a mom who feels she has to A) parade around in hooker gear and B) insult her daughter to get a little bit of male attention. [Salon, The Sun]