Which Celeb Sells The Most Clothes On The Red Carpet?

We’re in the thick of awards season, and while we’re as obsessed with looking at fantasy red carpet fashion as anyone can be, it’s hard to imagine that anyone actually buys this stuff. First off, it’s not like the celebs do. And the borrowed samples they’re wearing are usually so new that they’re not available to purchase anyway. But are there really rich ladies out there who will jump at the chance to buy the exact same thing they saw a famous person wear to an event? Apparently, yes, yes there are. And the stars who move the most merch aren’t the ones you’d guess. While Carey Mulligan is adored by designers (tall, thin, young, classy) and known for her sophisticated sense of style, she’s too “editorial” to get the masses maxing out their credit cards. The star that truly appeals and gets people to the checkout line? Sandra Bullock, not exactly known for her fashion savvy. Still, The Wall Street Journal notes that the Vivienne Westwood dress she wore to the People’s Choice Awards “ranked among the top of all red-carpet appearances this year in inspiring viewers to ‘click through’ to retail sites.” Huh. Fascinating.

Bullock isn’t the only top seller. Traditionally, Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore are in the so-called “sweet spot” because they’re young enough to appeal to 20- and 30-somethings who have the cash to spend on clothes, but they’re a little old for the teen and college-set, who can’t afford big ticket items anyway. But for the Oscars this year, analysts claim Meryl Streep and Gabourey Sidibe will be the most effective sales tools, appealing to the older crowd and plus-sized buyers, respectively. And when it comes to guys? Woody Harrelson. Does that mean sales in hemp are up?

We’re floored. [WSJ]