Today’s Lady News: Emma Watson Is The Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood, But #14 On The List

  • Nineteen-year-old Emma Watson, star of the “Harry Potter” series, is the highest paid actress in Hollywood with an estimated $30 million in earnings. And while that’s really cool, we couldn’t help but notice Emma shows up #14 on Vanity Fair’s list after 13 other male actors. (The second-highest paid actress comes in at #19: Cameron Diaz, with an estimated $27 million in earnings in 2009.) Hmm, what’s up with that? [Vanity Fair]
  • Today, a bi-partisan group of politicians introduced the International Violence Against Women Act to the House and Senate. IVAWA seeks to disarm cultural attitudes and practices which condone violence against women, to train police personnel to properly handle violence against women, and to increase women’s economic stability in the long term. [Politico]

  • Women in Massachusetts earned 78 percent of what men did in 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nationwide, in 2008 women earned 80 percent the salary of men. [Boston Globe]
  • An anti-abortion group in Georgia called Radiance Foundation has posted billboards around the state targeted at African-American women which read, “Black children are an endangered species.” [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  • Counseling helps reduce incidents of domestic violence against moms-to-be who are being abused by their partners, according to a study of pregnant African-American women in Washington, D.C. During prenatal care visits, some abused women received domestic violence intervention counseling, while others received the usual care. The study, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, showed that counseling the women cut repeated incidents of domestic violence by half. [Reuters]
  • Juan Williams, a 19-year-old Philadelphia boy, pleaded guilty to raping an unconscious 15-year-old girl who later died of alcohol poisoning. His co-defendant, 18-year-old Shareef Clemons, is also accused of raping the girl. [NBC News]
  • Why are so few women running high-tech companies, given how evidence shows female-led companies outperform the ones run by men? [MSNBC]


  • Several American soldiers, as well as dozens of Pakistani girls, were killed by a bombing near a girls’ school yesterday. [NPR]
  • Best-selling chick lit author Susan Morgan has passed away at age 52, apparently from suicide. Morgan also wrote under the pseudonyms Zoe Barnes and Sue Dyson and wrote 45 books, including Wedding Belles, Just Married and Return to Sender. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Miriam O’Reilly, the 52-year-old former TV host, is suing the BBC for ageism and age discrimination after she and her three 40- and 50-something colleagues were laid off from their show after it moved to a prime-time slot. The BCC told O’Reilly the show was being “revamped,” but she said the channel found the hosts too old. [London Guardian]
  • School nurse clinics in the U.K. are under fire for providing pregnancy tests to teenage girls as young as 13. Critics say that providing pregnancy tests in school make it appear to tweens and teens that sexuality activity at that age is condoned. [Daily Mail]