Girls: Save Your Virginity If You Don’t Have A College Fund

We were aware and appropriately disturbed by the trend of girls auctioning off their virginity to make some extra greenbacks. But after 22-year-old college grad Natalie Dylan sold her unpopped cherry to pay for grad school for a whopping $3.7 million, she changed the virginity game altogether. Her little scheme did not go unnoticed by poor, virginal schoolgirls everywhere. Now a 19-year-old New Zealand virgin, going by the name of “Ungirl,” has followed in Natalie’s footsteps. After receiving 1,200 bids on her purity, she accepted an offer for about $32K, which she says was “way beyond what I dreamed.” Hey, it’s no 3.7 million, but it should cover books. After the jump, some other girls who sold their V-card to pay for school in recent months. [Telegraph]

  • An 18-year-old Romanian girl, Alina Percea, auctioned off her V-card in order to afford a computing degree after being inspired by Natalie Dylan’s big payday. A 45-year-old Italian businessman coughed up $14K to deflower Alina. And she claims to have enjoyed the experience. [Daily Mail]
  • An unnamed 16-year-old Irish Catholic schoolgirl wanted to get in on the virginity-for-money action. She placed an ad on the trading website Gumtree offering her innocence to the highest bidder to raise cash for art school. An undercover reporter agreed to buy her V-card for close to $10K to see if she was bogus. The girl was indeed who she claimed to be, but when the reporter revealed his identity, she claimed it was just a joke. I’m thinking she was serious. [The Independent]
  • Before Natalie Dylan even began college, Rosie Reid, an 18-year-old lesbian from the U.K., decided to sell her first sexual experience for $13,300 to attend Bristol University. The buyer? After 2,000 bids, a 44-year-old engineer and divorced father of two won the coveted prize. Rosie regrets the decision. After the act took place she and her partner Jess Cameron “cried and cried.” A cautionary tale. [BBC News]