Dream Job: Win A Chance To Design Alongside The Olsens For Olsenboye

Dear Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen,

Since I was 13, I’ve wanted to be your BFF. Sadly, you ignored my fan mail and repeated friend requests. And now, you’ve gone and given me the opportunity to make my way into your inner circle, but it’s too late! You’ve opened up a contest to your fans to submit designs and essays to vie for a spot as an Olsenboye guest designer. So, the winner would basically get to be your awesome co-worker in NYC, and get to hang out with you both. Unfortunately, you had to put some pesky “age restriction” on the rules, and are only allowing entrants between the ages of 13 and 21. This, my dear Olsens, is a shame. Because were I still 13, I would win this contest, no doubt. So, if you could kindly increase the age limit to, say, 24, I would be ever so grateful.

I thank you in advance,

Your fan,

Leonora (And on behalf of all the Frisky staff. Excluding interns. Those college-aged kids will be getting extra coffee duty today just because we’re taking out our jealousy on them.) [OlsenBoyeDesignContest.com]