What’s The Worst Valentine’s Day Gift You’ve Ever Received?

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are a good opportunity to see how well your partner knows you. Did he wrap up a necklace that was just your style, or throw together a bunch of things he picked up at the drugstore? We asked readers to tell us the worst Valentine’s Day gift they ever received. (Sign up for our Do Tell newsletter to answer our next reader question!) In most cases, the relationship didn’t last if the gift was all wrong, so take note of what your honey gives you next weekend.

“After dinner, dessert, and champagne, my then-husband and I were snuggling in front of the fire when he got up to retrieve my Valentine’s gift. He came back holding what looked like a shepherd’s crook. It was a long, black, wrought iron rod that was curved into a large hook at one end. I don’t think I reacted for several long moments as my mind raced, trying to fathom what in the hell the thing could possibly be used for. Turns out, it was a plant hanger. I didn’t receive any plant to go with it, just the rod, and I don’t really have a green thumb.” — Stephanie

“When I was 15, my then-boyfriend got me shoes that were two sizes too small.” — Elia

“The worst Valentine’s Dya gift I’ve ever received was a dozen plastic red roses from my high school boyfriend. He said they were so they’d last forever. I knew it was because he never had a job.” — Madeline

“A couple of years ago, the guy I was dating got me a teddy bear holding a chocolate rose. Sure, it was cheesy and typical, but that wasn’t the worst part.  Even though he and I were together, he got the same present for three of our other friends. There was nothing to set mine apart or make me feel a little more important since he was dating ME. Instead of making me feel special, he just became the center of attention for bringing all of us presents.” — Heather

“A boyfriend of three years had been traveling the week of Valentine’s Day but got home on the actual day. When he arrived, he said he had already eaten and didn’t want to go out (no dinner for me!) and hadn’t had time to get me a gift. Funny enough, he decided to show me the new clothes he had bought while he was traveling.” — Lauren

“A stuffed green dog. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen and cheaply made. His reasoning for buying me this: You love dogs and your favorite color is green. I just had to grin and bear it … at least he tried, right?!” — Kaila

“A video game that we would ‘both enjoy,’ meaning he could play and I could watch or play when I wanted, which, let’s face it, was never because he was always playing it! And he wasn’t good enough to actually beat it!” — Ali

Pots and pans. I still lived with my parents at that point, so there was no actual need for them. He just thought it’d be funny to tell our friends what he got me, since they always joked about how ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen.’ At first I thought the gift was funny, and then I realized the pots and pans were all he bought me.” — Amanda

“I’ve never gotten a Valentine’s Day gift from a significant other … ever.” — Alecia

“My high school boyfriend was a wrestler and hung out with the jocks and partiers. I don’t know if he was too high for his own good or thought he was being considerate of my health, but one year for Valentine’s Day he gave me one of those Ab Belts from the infomercials you see on TV. You know, the ones that send shocks to your abs when you’re wearing it, making your muscles contract and giving you a flat tummy? Yeah … no. It burned my skin.” — Jordan

What’s the worst present you ever received on Valentine’s Day? And don’t forget to check out the rest of The Frisky’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide!