With A Dress That Sheer, Why Bother Wearing Clothes At All?

From Erin Wasson’s new ads for Pinko to Amber Rose at the YSL fashion show in Paris a couple weeks back to Britney Spears at The Grammys, nary a week goes by without new pics of a celeb in a “dress” that looks more like a fishnet body stocking. Sure, Amber wore a nude thong leotard under her shredded mess of a look; Britney’s bits were covered with opaque material; and Erin Wasson seems to be wearing sheer underwear beneath her sheer dress (helpful?), but still, the overall effect is pretty damn naked-looking. So the question is this: If you’re going to wear a dress that see-through, why bother wearing one at all?This approach feels pretty half-assed, to be honest. Why not just pull a Beyonce and go full leotard? Or a Gaga and do away with everything but the most essential bits? Or hell, be like Pink and have your way with some ribbon and a nude body stocking?

What do you think of these uber-sheer dresses? Would you ever rock the look?