The Craziest Workout Wear We’ve Ever Seen

If Michael Jackson were still alive (may he rest in peace), we’re sure he’d be all up in Jeremy Scott’s new collection for Adidas. MJ is probably the only person in the world who’d be able to get away with pumping some iron in a sleeveless military windbreaker or jogging in a bedazzled bolero track jacket. The line has been described as a “reinterpretation” of traditional sports clothes, but we think that term might even be too liberal. This is more like gym clothes on crack that got assaulted by a gang equipped with lace, crystals, fringe, and sparkles.

We’d actually pay good money to see any guy rock the jeweled football jersey, and any chick who can complete a 100 meter dash in the Bustier Track Dress deserves a gold medal automatically. Combine that fringed hoodie with any workout equipment, and you have a disaster waiting to happen. But if you’re brave enough to wear any of these pieces to the gym, we’re betting your workout would be no sweat. [Nitrolicious]