3 TV Shows That Shouldn’t Have Gotten The Green Light

By: Kate Torgovnick/Kate-Book.com / February 3, 2010

While scanning entertainment news today, I couldn’t help but notice that—wow!—there are some truly heinous television shows in the works. The first offender, ABC Family has picked up a series called “Rock of Love” — instead, this summer he will be starting a plain old reality show about his life. In other words, no more mud football bowls and pile-up girl fights. Thanks, Bret?

And finally, the strangest of all—an internet show called “The Bump.” In the series, three women (they’re not real, they’re actors) are pregnant and tell their (completely faux) stories. Viewers vote on whether each woman should have an abortion. The show’s writers will do whatever the majority says for each woman. All I can say is … huh?