Pregnant Through A Stab Wound?

OK, so I am not even going to slightly pretend to understand the medical complexity of this case. But suffice it to say it is craaaazy. Here are the basics: A 15-year-old girl in South Africa was born with no vagina—she’d never had a period, etc. But she did have a boyfriend and was having oral sex with him since intercourse wasn’t happening. While giving him a blowie, an ex caught them mid-act. The three of them got in a knife fight and the girl was stabbed twice in the abdomen. She went to a hospital, where docs stitched her up. But over the course of the next few months, her stomach began to expand. 278 days after her first trip to the hospital, she was admitted again. Surgeons did an emergency C-section to see what was up—and lo and behold, they pulled out a baby boy who was very much alive. Experts think that the girl’s boyfriend’s sperm must have been in her stomach when she was stabbed, and since she just happened to be ovulating at the time, it was able to fertilize an egg. Geez, it’s like those things have a homing device or something. [Discover Magazine]