Mackenzie Phillips Changes Her Tune About Her Relationship With Her Papa

Mackenzie Phillips recently revealed that she had an incestuous relationship with her father, Mamas & The Papas singer John Phillips. But now she’s changing her tune about the relationship. In her memoir, Phillips called the relationship with her father “consensual.” But yesterday on “The Joy Behar Show,” she decided to “reframe” the situation saying, “I wouldn’t necessarily call it a consensual relationship at this time.” So, why the change? Phillips says she’s been “schooled” by incest survivors all over the world about how there is no such thing as a consensual, sexual relationship between a parent and a child. She also claims she was trying to “preserve the memory” of her father during the writing of her book, which is common for victims of incest. Even though Joy Behar and special guest Dr. Drew agree with Mackenzie’s new insight about her experience, I’m hoping that it won’t kill her already tenuous credibility. As it stands, stepmother Michelle Phillips and stepsister Bijou have vehemently denied her allegations. I would like to believe that she is a confused victim trying to sort through the emotional rubble of years of drug and sexual abuse, but this interview makes me question her, if even just slightly. I’m concerned that she might have written her memoir in haste, without getting the proper professional help to understand the situation. And by the nature of dropping the kind of bombshell that she did about a family in the public eye, she will automatically become a role model for other incest survivors. But is she ready to be a role model? [PopEater]