A J.Lo-Diddy Sex Tape? Plus More Dirty Revelations In Court …

Jennifer Lopez is still in court, battling with her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, who’s trying to release a sex tape of the couple. This week, Sean “Diddy” Combs has been called in as a witness … to talk about the alleged sex tape he made with Jenny from the Block. Noa also plans on putting J.Lo on the stand, to question her about her sexuality since she allegedly kissed a woman in the video before performing lap dances. Noa’s goal is to prove that the video shouldn’t be classified as a sex tape since no nudity or sex is involved and he believes that Diddy’s response to what his alleged sex tape involves will cement the defense. We get it, Ojani—you slept with J. Lo. What do you want? A high-five? [NY Post]

It’s a shame that celebrities can’t get any privacy, but it’s sometimes interesting to catch glimpses of their sex lives through awkward court proceedings. After the jump are a few cases of sex secrets being revealed in court.

  • Oprah’s ex-boyfriend Randolph Cook alleged in his tell-all book, The Wizard of O: My Life With Oprah, that it was Oprah’s fault that he suffered from esophageal cancer because she allegedly taught him how to smoke crack during their six-month “sexually charged affair.” Court documents showed that Oprah admitted to having sexual relations with Cook and admitted to using cocaine in Cook’s presence. Though it’s still really hard to imagine Oprah doing anything sinister. [National Enquirer]
  • It’s been a rough season for Tiger Woods. His lawyers are still working hard to keep the details of his assorted affairs under wraps. The lawyers banned the publication in Britain of photos or videos of Woods nude and/or having sex; of course, they added “in the event that these photographs do exist, and it is not admitted, any such images may have been fabricated, altered, manipulated and or changed to create the false appearance and impression that they are nude photographs of our client.” I think it’s safe to assume that as careless as Tiger Woods was with the ladies, there’s a good chance that there has been a mess to clean up. [Reuters]
  • Everyone’s favorite beauty queen, Carrie Prejean, tried to sue Miss California USA for religious discrimination after they took away her crown. So they counter-sued her for the cost of her breast implants. The legal battles were getting exhausting when a sex tape popped up, which, according to Nik Richie from TheDirty.com, was too raunchy to purchase and no one would even be able to put it online. Carrie dropped the lawsuit and received no money outside of having a small portion of her legal bills paid for by the pageant group. Bamn! Schadenfreude. [She Knows]
  • We all learned something from “One Night in Paris”—and not just how not to give a BJ or that you should always keep the tape. More importantly, we learned that Rick Salomon is a jerk. Paris claimed she didn’t know what was going on when the video was being filmed and didn’t approve of its release, so Salomon sued her for defamation. Hilton counter-sued Salomon for releasing the tape and they settled out of court. Paris later claimed, “I never received a dime from the video. It’s just dirty money and he should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something. I mean I so didn’t do it for attention.” I guess those dirty secrets weren’t so much hidden in court documents, but illuminated in green night vision. [Associated Content]
  • Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl, sued former nannies Laura Boyce and Jessica Gibson in 2008 for defamation and breach of contract over confidentiality agreements they signed. Both Laura and Jessica had filed sexual harassment charges, claiming that Rob and Sheryl acted inappropriately towards them. Gibson accused Rob of exposing himself and “inappropriately touching her.” The Lowes accused Gibson of conspiring to extort $1.5 million preemptively. Eventually, the court dismissed both cases. Sounds like the beginning of a porno … or a Lifetime movie? [E! Online]