Cali Middle School Up In Arms Over “I Love Boobies” Bracelets

You think that grownups would be thrilled if kids showed an interest in something other than Facebook or Justin Bieber, but think again! Breast cancer awareness bracelets caused such a stir at Santa Clara Middle School in California that school administrators have actually banned them. The plastic wristbands carried saucy slogans, including “I Love Boobies” and “Keep A Breast.” Unsurprisingly, this was a bit much for 12-year-olds to handle. Administrators apparently forbid the breast-y bracelets from school after boys started harassing girls over the wristbands. Even a noble cause like breast cancer awareness is no excuse for tween boys to make their classmates uncomfortable. (Likewise, there’s no excuse for a tween girl wearing an “I Love Boobies!” wristband to show it off or talk about it in a way that makes any of her classmates uncomfortable.) And yet I think Santa Clara school board member Andrew Ratermann also has a point that the wristbands seemed to be designed to attract attention. Ratermann told ABC News:

“We would be fully supportive of the concept of wanting to do something about breast cancer. But, I think the makers of the bracelets chose intentionally to start a controversy because of the words they used.”

Understandably, though, kids and their parents are pissed, especially since a portion of bracelet sales support breast cancer charities. Parents say the wristbands not only let kids memorialize loved ones who have died from cancer, but they also raise awareness about a serious (albeit grown-up) disease in a lighthearted way. Karen Garaci, the mother of a 13-year-old daughter at the school, told ABC News:

“Instead of saying, ‘Look, breast cancer’s going to kill you. Do your exams.’ Here, I love boobies. Let’s save them and make it approachable for her age group.”

What do you think? Are bracelets that say “I Love Boobies” and “Keep A Breast” too much for middle schoolers? [ABC News]