6 Un-Romantic Safe Havens For Broken Hearts On Valentine’s Day

While you won’t want to go to certain spots on Valentine’s Day if you’re single, there are plenty of places where there won’t be a couple in sight. Click through for six places your broken heart is more than welcome come Feb. 14.

  1. Mexican And Buffet-Style Restaurants: Couples aren’t likely to grab a bite at these restaurants because, well, they’re not exactly romantic.
  2. The Gym: If you have a significant other, chances are he’s already naked, so why would you spend The Most Romantic Day of The Year toning up? Single ladies, now’s your chance to get some one-on-one attention from that handsome trainer.
  3. Furniture Stores: Those celebrating Valentine’s Day tend to buy certain things in preparation for the big night: flowers, lingerie, and chocolates. Who’s shopping for furniture? No one. Try out a new couch without dealing with cutesy pairs smooching as they decide which sofa to buy.
  4. Spas: While couples are enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company, you can enjoy the pleasure of having a massage therapist’s hands all over your body.
  5. Thrift, Resale, And Vintage Stores: If you don’t want to be reminded that you have no one to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for, then don’t go to a place where people expect you to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts.
  6. Single Friends’ Homes: There’s no better way to spend the day than with your equally free pals.